PC Repair / Upgrade - As most technology consulting companies Dewey Company has a extensive background in PC Repair and Upgrade. If you have one or several PCs that you are unsure of their useful future bring a consultant in from Dewey Company to assess your current computer situation. Often times a memory upgrade, hard drive upgrade or OS upgrade can improve the usability of an asset.

Equipment Purchase / Deployment – Unsure of what equipment to purchase and at what price and then once purchased do you dread the setup processes and the installing of updates and drivers. Dewey Company understands this aspect of asset purchasing and deployment and can assist you with everything from guiding you to make a purchase to sitting down and configuring systems that will have a prolonged life in your environment where you will receive the best ROI on your purchases.

Technology Consulting – Our strong suit is consulting for technology, with our vast resources of local and nationwide technology talent, we have the ability to bring to you some of the best minds who have worked for various industries throughout the country and overseas.Our consultants have worked with Fortune 500 companies that our on the cutting edge of business and with startup companies looking to find a business edge.In short we can work within the guidelines of your budget to bring you a solution that works for your business. Network Infrastructure / Network Health Check – As the heart of the network, infrastructure can be a complex ‘thing’, Dewey Company offers a monthly Infrastructure Health Check where a consultant can come onsite and review your infrastructure to make sure switches, hubs, routers, and UPS systems are performing correctly. We can also assist when your infrastructure is not performing optimally for your organization.As your consultant we can act as liaison between your network or Internet provider to assist in any repairs or upgrades needed so you can maximize your investment in your network infrastructure.

Web Design / Creative Control Consulting – For several years Dewey Consulting has grown due to a company’s need to not just have a web presence but to have a web presence that reflects who or what the company is today and in the future. Think of a web site as ‘living’ part of your business, as your business changes or adds products, services, address, locations, opens new locations, changes logos or its mission statement, your website must grow with your business.In today’s market place the web site is no longer just a ‘gee-whiz’ thing it is a viable business tool, in some cases it can be the complete face of your business that customers will use to decide to do business with you or not.Do not allow your business to suffer from an outdated web site that no longer reflects who you are as a company. Ensure your web site reflects the business that you are with the right look and feel that reflects your organization.

Security Camera Consulting / Installation - Over the past several years we have seen an increasing demand for security cameras. With the advent of small affordable cameras that can be wireless, hooked up to a PC or installed in a complete stand alone system the options have become many while the cost has dramatically decreased. Dewey Company has been brought in to install security cameras to retail business and professional office building environments to give business owners a better piece of mind and a 24 hour a day set of eyes on their business.