10/2009 - Dewey Company launches website v 3.0 with updated look and forms.

08/2009 - Dewey Consulting picked to support Delaware Cars Limousine Service.

07/20009 - Dewey Consulting picked to support Mirage Limousine Service.

06/2009 - Westpointe Condominium Association renews service contract.

05/2009 - New 2.0 Launch
The release of the new website brings three companies under one roof.

03/2009 - Town and Country Limousine (IL) picks Dewey Company to move their computer systems from their Chicago/Midway location to their new Chicago/Downtown location.  

12/2008 - Dewey Company Finishes most successful year and grows sales in a down turn economy.

10/2008 - Warped Sportz (IN) picks Dewey Company to provide new website design with e-commerce support.

07/2008 - Avanti Limousine (IN) picks Dewey Company to support their primary computer systems for their growing limousine business.

05/2008 - Muller & Associates (MO) partners with Dewey Company to create a new corporate web image for their sales and marketing agency.

03/2008 - Merger Begins
By May of 2008 3 companies will become one and embark on new found success. Dewey Consulting, Dewey Lawn Care, and Dewey Company merge.